The New Moon on June 3 is in the sign of Gemini.
For a new moon to occur both the sun and the moon must be aligned in the same sign.
It is called the dark moon because no moon is visible to us, but for the next two weeks the moon will appear a little larger every night until it becomes full.
New moons are our chance to begin again. It’s a fresh start. It is the time to set goals for the things you want to get accomplished in the coming month and put those ideas into action!
Pitch your projects, initiate new contacts, start a romance, or invest in anything you want.
The sign Gemini is all about communication and travel. The moon symbolizes the public, women, and our feelings and emotions.
Now is the perfect time to promote yourself. Do some networking. Sell your product, especially if it is geared towards females, buy a car, a cell phone, a computer, write a book, take a class, move to a new home or apartment, or even change jobs.
Contact friends and associates and share your ideas. Social media will be buzzing!
If your loved ones are disappearing into cyber space why not gather everyone together for a family night. Plan a meal, play some games, or even watch a movie.
If you’re planning a girls night out this weekend it is sure to be a blast. Lots of fun and gossip on the agenda!
If you have been feeling depressed or stressed, this would be an ideal time to seek therapy or counseling from professionals.
Remember, the new moon is your best friend, it is your chance for a do over, and remember, if you can’t get it all perfect now, there is always another new moon just a month away!

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